Boilers BhT made of steel St 37-2, is flogaulotoi from tube type Mannesssman’ from steel St 40, three routes exhaust and horizontal construction. The design and the generally excellent workmanship demonstrated for several decades both in practice and testing laboratory control C3T (for obtaining the European mark of conformity CE) their high efficiency class with more than 91%. It has a certificate type EK(92/42/EOK). Along with the correct positioning of flue at the top of the chamber (thereby avoiding condensation) and the perfect combustion enable us to offer a technologically high-quality boiler.



Since 1989, the company sells and installs boilers, gas burners, in boiler rooms for household and professional use. It has built gas heating projects in homes in Panorama, Thessaloniki (1989) and gas projects, air conditioning boiler and gas cooker in Hotels in Chalkidiki ( HOTEL ATHENA PALACE, HOTEL MAKEDNOS), with automation, gas sensors SIEMENS GERMANY (1990).

The gas boilers offered to guests are from the companies: BUDERUS GERMANY, ARISTON ITALY and CHAFFOTEAUX FRANCE. The wall hung gas boilers latent energy manage the seemingly impossible. In the gas combustion generated carbon dioxide and water vapor. When the steam cools, condensates are generated and heat is released. This heat can be exploited by wall gas boiler latent energy.
Compared with simple devices, wall gas units provide a latent energy savings of up to 14%.

  • Gas or liquefied petroleum boiler
  • Sealed combustion chamber
  • Electronic ignition and ionization flame monitoring
  • Efficiency to 109%
  • Proportional adjustment of the burner by 30-100%
  • Thermometer, pressure gauge, safety valve, automatic air vent as standard equipment
  • Thermostat multifunction
  • Digital automatic control and monitoring of the boiler and an indication of self harm
  • Connection with external boiler
  • Ability to simultaneously connect up to 8 wall units.






The stainless steel electric boilers are now one of the most common devices used in heating (due to higher oil prices). Are complete and separate systems connected directly to the heating system to heat the water circuit.
Apart from this function, B&T chooses boilers that can also produce hot water to conserve energy and for the economical operation of the system. And at the same time, an entire heating system is concentrated in one device. Thus, this option brings the following very basic advantages:
Electric boilers B&T is clearly cheaper than the selection of individual devices, since they are a complete turnkey system.

Occupy less space and are ideal for small boiler rooms that supply heat in large spaces.
They don’t lacking anything in terms of construction, building materials and thermal capacity compared to steel boilers. Indeed they can cover all kinds of thermal needs.
The electric boilers because of all energy use (electricity) does not depend on the price of oil, thus they are becoming more attractive solution nowadays.
Also, the boilers B&T can be mounted indoors (in a warehouse next to the sink) as it does not need chimney or oil tank and its operation is completely silent.
They are highly durable units and don’t require maintenance.
With electric boiler we firstly consume energy from the electric company and 5 months after we pay the fee.
Experience teaches us that we as technicians we have to move into more profitable and efficient solutions for us and the environment, but always with professionalism and accountability.