(Best Heating Technology) was founded by the Mech. Engineer Dimitris Tsolakidis in 1987  with the purpose of proposing and implementing reliable and economical solutions for energy saving. Its 30 years of operation, classify it as one of the top quality and leading businesses in the field. The business owns a central, 2 storey building, at 82 Prasakaki str. (Ring road) at Pilea, Thessaloniki where it has its own laboratory with heat pumps a) geothermal b) air-water c) air d) hot water.  



We manufacture radiators in whatever dimension you want,
with the connections where it suits you,
with a very fast delivery
and at very reasonable prices.

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!!! Ετοιμοπαράδοτα διακοσμητικά σώματα σε μοναδικές τιμές !!! 


Our Philosophy 
The quality, consistency and dynamism are the three key features of the business, which allow to study, perform and deliver solar projects, humidification – dehumidification, air-conditioning – ventilation, underfloor heating and heat pump energy savings. Therefore the business can undoubtedly satisfy the customers’ needs with the faithful observance upon technical and time specifications matters. Moreover, the business, has realised the value of studies, construction and technical works in general and of the existent competition in the energy sector, and therefore, has given high priority to finding the highest quality materials and to appling new technical tools with the greatest energy savings.



The set-up of the business (organization)
The business, aims to the import-trading, study-supervision and project-execution, in the private and public sector, is staffed by experienced engineers, permanent staff and special partners, with excellent technical knowledge and extensive experience.

Business Activity
The business works out problems by giving complete solutions (ready for use) to either domestic or professional applications such as residence, factories, stores etc. and even special constructions (churches, forums, hammams etc.). It has shown full and successful activity in the field of imports with reliable ground-breaking products for the individual needs of each project.

The company sells its products

with internet prices (E-shop)

and delivers them to your place.


For special offers

feel free to conduct us!