For decades solar tubes – sun tubes applied to thousands of homes and businesses aware of strong growth particularly in America and Australia. The solar tubes – sun tubes of European market presented a decade earning immediately significant share of energy saving systems and more specifically the lighting systems.

In Greece and Cyprus the solar tubes – sun tubes became known to the public through their many applications in large venues such as Industries, Warehouses, Super Markets, etc. At the same time the solar tubes – sun tubes found a wide range of applications in homes through informed on new technologies architectural offices and civil engineering. The solar tubes – sun tubes are a clever solution to home areas with insufficient lighting such as basements, attics, Play Rooms, Garage, Warehouses, etc. Solar tubes – sun tubes offer bright and pleasant environment while saving valuable energy by helping to protect the environment!

The solar tubes – sun tubes are now the most modern and efficient systems of daily lighting. They are convenient, efficient, offer amazing comfort and 100% energy saving.

Of course like all successful systems so the solar tubes – sun tubes evolved, providing longer Dome of high quality Crystal Bohemia (Bohemian Tempered Crystal), specially designed collection of sunlight (Intelligent Ray Catcher Glass), while they are self-cleaning and also for all solar tubes diameters is available a control system U value = 0,6 W / (m². K).