under-floοr heating

under-floοr heating


The under-floor heating is known from antiquity. However applies only in recent decades. But demand has risen sharply due to the low price installation of the system which came to rival the installation of radiators.

The advantages of under-floor heating over other heating methods are:

-Uniform temperature distribution on the premises.
-Save space by avoiding radiator.
-Low-cost operation.
-Low water temperature.
-Use of alternative energy sources such as heat pump with very low running costs compared to oil and gas up to 60%.

The disadvantages are:

-Need a dedicated scholar – installer.

The floor heating is a heating system with water at low temperature 45 ° C having a heating surface of the floor, in which multilayer pipes installed and aluminum. Offered for heating any space either independently or in conjunction with other systems (for example radiators) and cooling.

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