What is the ring
It is the tool of the future. Manufactured from pure aluminium and Silicium to remove the salt and rust.
The action of the ring
It is currently the best solution to demonstrate the science in the removal of salt and rust.
It works without chemicals, without electricity, without magnets.
It is operation based on high frequency oscillations. Affects the standing or running water, stops rust and general corrosion of pipes to improving the quality of drinking water.

The motion of the atoms in the molecules of the material causes oscillations (oscillation Brown).
During construction of the ring individual balance disturbed in such a way that added to the motion of the atoms even two oscillations. The oscillation interference and vibration reflex. While the composition of the ring (aluminium and Silicium) recruit, retain and transmit loads regardless of pipe material in which the ring rests.
These oscillations change the composition of the rust and scale inhibiting the formation of compact layers and destruction of surfaces.

Why is it necessary 1. Dissolves the salts (CaCO3) and prevents new deposits.
2. Removes rust (Fe2O3) and creates in its position of the coating iron epitetartoxeidiou (Fe3O4 magnetite). In copper pipe, remove the copper oxide (green), which also occurs in boiler, water heaters, heating systems.
3. Reduces surface salts to baths, sinks, washing machines etc.
4. Minimizes the use of chemical cleaners and reduces the use of detergents.
5. Softens water.
6. Kills algae and bacteria (Emboli, Streptococcus faekalis, Pseudonomas, Legionellen).
7. Enables and sterilized water (water-clockwise thermal water)
8. It affects the same in cold and hot water (only one ring to the power necessary)
9. It affects both static and in flowing water (molecular activation to 2500 m)
10. Operates without electricity, without chemicals and magnets (same activation of water).

Experiment with a piece of pipe or a rusty nail and put it in a glass of water with the bottom ring having an arrow upwards. Within a few days begin to dissolve the salt and rust, creating the Magnetite Fe3O4 black.