Heat Pump. The intelligent heating system with electricity

The choice for heating – cooling a building requires the application of a reliable system that combines the low manufacturing and operating cost. You can choose between the following heating systems.

  1. Heating with oil boiler
  2. Heating with gas boiler
  3. Heating with Pellet boiler
  4. Heating with Wood boiler
  5. Heating with a heat pump (electric boiler)

The heat pump (instead of furnace) is highly reliable and meet the above requirements because it achieves very high efficiency 400% – 600%, compared with oil-gas burners that yield only 90% [ie, while we pay the price for (1)KW in the electric company, our system attaches (4)KW, unlike oil or gas burners with whom we pay for (1)KW and our system attaches (0, 9)KW]. The heat pump use is cheaper by up to 80% compared with the system of oil (at a price of 0.90 euros / liter), cheaper by up to 65% compared to the gas system – boiler PELLET and cheaper by 40% compared to the wood boiler system, while, so it avoids the installation of a chimney, container, wood-pellet boiler, and regular and costly supplies of the corresponding fuel. Equally effective is the selection of a photovoltaic system mounted on the roof of the project.

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